IBM brings and extensive line of servers to the market that can support every business application, from managing the infrastructure for a small enterprise to supporting complex applications across a large networked enterprise.

IBM iSeries Servers
The IBM eServer iSeries is based on open-standards and built for the on demand world. The iSeries is highly integrated, highly reliable and it runs multiple operating systems, including linux and windows, as well as multiple applications simultaneously. It's capacity on demand and workload management capabilities adjusts to the ever-changing needs of your business. iSerres servers can execute your web services and J2EE strategy, integrate with .Net and host web applications and data warehouses with ease.

CCS has extensive experience with the IBM iSeries servers and can customize a configuration with all the software and services that are best for your business and systems architecture.

IBM xSeries Servers
xSeries servers featuring the Intel® Xeon™ processor provide outstanding availability and price/performance capabilities that help better manage and provision your IT environment. IBM xSeries servers range from affordable workgroup systems to enterprise-class systems. xSeries servers deliver revolutionary advancements to I/O, memory and possessors with a pay-as-you-grow approach to Intel 32-bit and 64-bit x Series systems. That means with xSeries, you only pay for what you need today, reducing acquisition costs, while also helping protect your IT investment.

xSeries can be rack optimized with outstanding performance and manageability and universal xSeries servers deliver file, print, application and mail serving solutions for small businesses aor distributed departmental computing. CCS can help you determine how an xSeries solution is right for your business.

IBM pSeries
World-class UNIX and Linux implementations from IBM pSeries are the result of leading-edge IBM technologies including POWER4+ processors and autonomic computing features. Through high-performance and flexibility between AIX 5L and Linux operating environments, IBM pSeries delivers reliable, cost-effective solutions for commercial and technical computing applications in the entry, mid-range and high-end UNIX segments.

CCS has configured and installed pSeries systems for a wide range of clients to support various systems and applications. Let us put the pSeries to work for your business today.

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